Blood donor social activity with the theme "Satu Semangat Untuk Berbagi". The goal for helping others and also good for our blood circulation.

Social activities visit the Bengawan Kindergarten - Koja, with the theme "Superhero Anti Bacteria". The goal teaches cleanliness since childhood.

Social activities for flood victims in Perum Total Persada Tangerang with theme "Semangat Berbagi", and given the symbolic for slightly lighten their burden.


Social activities with theme "Hijaukan Desaku" in Gunung Putri Bogor. The Goal isto be friendly with nature and participate

in reforestation efforts

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Visit Yayasan Dwituna Rawinala with the theme "Mata Hatiku, Harapanku".
The goal for help and entertain
people physical disabilities 

Social activities for disaster in Palu with the theme "Ajidharma Peduli 2018". The goal for helping and provide food assistance, clothes, and medicine

Visit Yayasan Al Fajar Berseri with the theme "Bakti Untuk Saudaraku".
The goal for help and entertain
people mental disabilities 

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