Inorganic Chemicals

Soda Ash (Dense, Light)

Uses : Tie up the dirt in the water,
Strengthen and sharpen colors, MSG, Glass Factory, Ceramics

Sodium Silicate (Water Glass)

Uses : Color binder on textile, As concrete andabrasive wheels, Adhesive for glass or porcelain, Preservative for eggs

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) 50%

Uses : Bleaching agent, Whitener, Deinking process, Peroxide mixed material, Sterilization for packaging, Metal etching, etc

Caustic Soda (Liquid 48%, Flake 98%)

Uses : Pulp & Paper, Chemical mfg, Alumunium, Detergent, Soap, Textile Processing, etc

Sodium Bicarbonate

Uses : Baking soda, Neutralizing excess stomach acid

Potassium Silicate

Uses : Corrosion inhibitor, Fabrication of welding rods, Cosmetic

Phosphoric Acid 85%

Uses : As a rust inhibitor, a dental and industrial etchant, fertilizer feedstock

Talc (Haichen, Liaoning)

Uses : Paper making, Plastic, Paint and Coatings, Rubber, Food, Electric Cable, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, and Ceramics

Oleo Chemicals


Uses : Alkyd resin, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics,
Solven, Emulsifying Agent, Soap Lubricant, etc

Stearic Acid (Double & Triple Press)

Uses : Soap, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Accelerator, Shoes metal polishes, Coating, etc

Oleic Acid

Uses : Soap, Oil & Gas Drilling, Aerosol, Oil Mixture, Surfaktan Mixture

Methyl Ester Sulfonate (MES)

Uses : Deterjen, Surfaktan

Soap Noddle

Uses : Toilet and Cosmetics soap

Myristic Acid

Uses : Cosmetics

Lauric Acid

Uses : Cosmetics


Maxifoam C101
(Chlorinated Alkaline)

Uses : Cleaning up the protein and fat droppings, Does'nt contain phosphate

Anti Microbial Hand Soap

Uses : Cleaning hands by reducing disease-causing bacteria or infection of the skin

Maxifoam P100 (Acid Foam Cleaner)

Uses : Foaming Acid Sanitizer, Cleaning corotion

Blue Ocean (101,301)

Uses : Special formula to remove oil, grease, blood, fat and protein, safe for stainless steel


Floor Cleaner

Uses : Cleaning and sanitizing surfaces such as floor and wall

Anti Bacteria Dishwash

Uses : Multipurpose general cleaning, washing dishes and kitchen utensils


Uses : Cleaning mixing tanks and filling pipes industry, cleaning packaging glass and poycarbonate

Acid DS3 (Acid Cleaner)

Uses : Eliminating deposits of water crust and rust stains, cleaning dishmachine, stainless steel, alumunium, laboratory glass, etc

Laundry Softener

Uses : Making clothes smell fresh and keeping them soft

Conveyor Lubricant

Uses : Reduces water usage in beverage and food processing

Blue Ocean S12 (Chlorine Base)

Uses : Exterminator yeast, mushroom, other microbial activities for the seafood industry and food processing

Antibac (Quat Base)

Uses : In Food industry for sanitizing equipment and as a deodorizer, In beverage/brewery industry for final sanitizing of vessel and bottling plant

Laundry Bleach

Uses : Brighten & whiten fabrics and help keeping them soft

Laundry Detergent

Uses : Washing clothes

Hydroxide (PAA Base)

Uses : Sanitation pipe, filler, tank/evaporator