PT. Ajidharma Corporindo distributes more chemical products, and serves industrial end-users throught Indonesia, South East Asia, East Asia and Africa region. To oversee its vast distribution network, PT. Ajidharma Corporindo is headquartered in Jakarta.

PT. Ajidharma Corporindo is a Chemicals’ Distribution Company for national and international market. It has rooted under the name of PT. Union Ajidharma as pioneer in trading chemicals for more than 42 years. Our chemicals’ product are Inorganic, Oleo and Hygiene Cleaners.


Our goals is to provide Chemicals which are not produced in Indonesia, by importing - so resources are close to our customers. While we exported Indonesian made products to South East Asia, East Asia and Africa regions. We are proud to build trust and grow the business together with our business partners (Customers, Principals, Suppliers, Bankers, Shipping companies, Trucking companies and others).


The commitment in providing quality and value for customers is our business philosophy. Our standard in Quality, Delivery, and Management system with Certification of ISO 9001:2015 will be our key success to business sustainability. Skillful and friendly teams will be there to deliver services for Customers’ needs. Our company plays important roles in contributing positive economic growth  for Indonesia now and the future.



Become a customer choice distribution company at national and regional levels

Corporate Culture

1. Education
2. Communication
3. Commitment
4. Ownership
5. Gratitude
6. Integrity
7. Teamwork
8. Fun

Corporate Profile



Quickly adapt with the new market trend and support our customers' growth